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Total weight & calories all months139 lb 7.75 oz46448 
Average harvest per day over 656 days3.4 oz71
January 2012Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
01-30Jerusalem artichoke56.51176Roots
01-18Jerusalem artichoke42874Roots
01-09Jerusalem artichoke44916Roots
Total January 2012 weight & calories8 lb 14.5 oz2966 

Total 2012 weight and calories8 lb 14.5 oz2966 

December 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
12-31Jerusalem artichoke641332Roots
12-24Jerusalem artichoke3.573Roots
12-22Jerusalem artichoke521082Roots
12-15Jerusalem artichoke49.51030Roots
12-06Jerusalem artichoke47978Roots
Total December 2011 weight & calories13 lb 8.0 oz4496 

November 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
11-29Jerusalem artichoke581207Roots
11-16Jerusalem artichoke40833Roots
Total November 2011 weight & calories6 lb 2 oz2040 

September 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
09-23Jerusalem artichoke362Roots
Total September 2011 weight & calories0 lb 3 oz62 

June 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
06-04Jerusalem artichoke1.531Roots
Total June 2011 weight & calories0 lb 1.5 oz31 

May 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
05-25Jerusalem artichoke242Roots
05-05Jerusalem artichoke0.7516Roots
Total May 2011 weight & calories0 lb 2.75 oz57 

April 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
04-27Jerusalem artichoke21437Roots
04-17Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
04-13Jerusalem artichoke1.531Roots
04-12Jerusalem artichoke20416Roots
Total April 2011 weight & calories2 lb 10.75 oz890 

March 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
03-24Jerusalem artichoke621290Roots
03-16Jerusalem artichoke721499Roots
03-14Jerusalem artichoke46957Roots
03-04Jerusalem artichoke59.51238Roots
03-01Jerusalem artichoke521082Roots
Total March 2011 weight & calories18 lb 3.5 oz6067 

February 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
02-24Jerusalem artichoke511061Roots
02-21Jerusalem artichoke6.5135Roots
02-20Jerusalem artichoke641332Roots
02-19Jerusalem artichoke621290Roots
02-17Jerusalem artichoke1.7536Roots
02-14Jerusalem artichoke641332Roots
02-11Jerusalem artichoke0.510Roots
02-09Jerusalem artichoke551145Roots
02-08Jerusalem artichoke42874Roots
02-04Jerusalem artichoke42.5885Roots
02-01Jerusalem artichoke52.51093Roots
Total February 2011 weight & calories27 lb 9.75 oz9194 

January 2011Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
01-27Jerusalem artichoke691436Roots
01-23Jerusalem artichoke43895Roots
01-19Jerusalem artichoke551145Roots
01-15Jerusalem artichoke601249Roots
01-13Jerusalem artichoke43895Roots
01-09Jerusalem artichoke39812Roots
01-05Jerusalem artichoke51.51072Roots
01-01Jerusalem artichoke30624Roots
Total January 2011 weight & calories24 lb 6.5 oz8127 

Total 2011 weight and calories92 lb 15.75 oz30964 

December 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
12-27Jerusalem artichoke38791Roots
12-23Jerusalem artichoke11.5239Roots
12-19Jerusalem artichoke6.25130Roots
12-18Jerusalem artichoke18.25380Roots
12-08Jerusalem artichoke2505203Roots
12-07Jerusalem artichoke5104Roots
12-04Jerusalem artichoke8167Roots
Total December 2010 weight & calories21 lb 1.0 oz7014 

November 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
11-25Jerusalem artichoke24500Roots
11-02Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
Total November 2010 weight & calories1 lb 8.25 oz505 

October 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
10-30Jerusalem artichoke0.510Roots
10-28Jerusalem artichoke25.5531Roots
10-19Jerusalem artichoke741540Roots
10-16Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
10-15Jerusalem artichoke541124Roots
10-08Jerusalem artichoke12.25255Roots
Total October 2010 weight & calories10 lb 6.5 oz3465 

September 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
09-28Jerusalem artichoke3.7578Roots
09-25Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
09-20Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
09-13Jerusalem artichoke1.531Roots
09-10Jerusalem artichoke2.2547Roots
Total September 2010 weight & calories0 lb 8.0 oz167 

July 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
07-15Jerusalem artichoke242Roots
Total July 2010 weight & calories0 lb 2 oz42 

May 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
05-20Jerusalem artichoke0.255Roots
05-17Jerusalem artichoke1.2526Roots
05-16Jerusalem artichoke1.531Roots
05-13Jerusalem artichoke121Roots
05-09Jerusalem artichoke38.25796Roots
Total May 2010 weight & calories2 lb 10.25 oz879 

April 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
04-18Jerusalem artichoke0.510Roots
04-15Jerusalem artichoke21437Roots
April 2010Harvest itemWeight (oz)CaloriesCategory
Total weight & calories1 lb 5.5 oz447 

Total 2010 weight and calories37 lb 9.5 oz12519 

Total weight & calories all months139 lb 7.75 oz46448 
Average harvest per day over 656 days3.4 oz71